Azumi Uchitani



Nuturing our souls with Japanese Ancient Wisdom.


Born into a traditional Japanese family and raised with the teachings of Buddhism and Shinto. The rituals of the Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement and Calligraphy were all part of my daily routine. 

I moved to Europe to study and established a career as a business management consultant bridging Japan & Europe. I successfully achieved and got recognition, closing deals for joint ventures for global companies in finance & IT sectors. But I was detached from my root, daily practices and there was a calling to wake up.


It was later in my life that I gained a true appreciation and deeper insights into the essence of the teachings and rituals she had experienced in my childhood.

Now, I carry this essence, “Inner peace” with me anytime, anywhere, from a living room to a board room. This is infectious. If you carry it, it will affect your outer world. 


In 2009, I founded “Japanese SALON” as a platform to bring people together through Japanese culture, mindfulness workshops, and art exhibitions.

I was granted a great opportunity to speak at TEDx twice, and I keep delivering talks and lectures, now with Speakers Academy.


While holding advisory positions in the international corporate world, I teach Japanese aesthetics and mindfulness to all walks of life. 


My clients include global Japanese, European corporations, as listed in Clients & Projects and I work across Europe. 


ART OF JAPAN is my artistic expression of Japanese ancient wisdom, through writings, creative direction, artworks, and curation. With pleasure, I have delivered my work to leading Dutch companies, such as Rituals and Marcel Wanders and hope to continue.


I am based in a leafy town of Bussum, the beautiful area of "Het Gooi", in the Netherlands, where I live locally, travel, and serve globally.