Haiku of the month - August








The sun

Creating light and shadow 

Making the harmony.



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Fragment of Japan - Love affair with nature

 "Japanese art"  -  I guess the first thing comes to your mind would be the famous woodblock prints of "Ukiyoe" "Painting of Floating World" of Hokusai or Hiroshige. Van Gogh and Monet were those who were mesmerised by the woodblock prints. There are incredible collectors and researchers in Europe. 


On the other hands, more traditional form, Byobu - Japanese Screens are less widely known but these are the art where the Japanese love affair with the nature can be seen and felt....


Byobu (屏風)Japanese Screens date back as early as the 8 th century, are less widely known here in Europe, although they are the "Rolls Royce" of the Japanese art.

In the 16th century, castle was decorated to display its wealth and power of the clan and the folding screen was one of the indispensable interior items that had the practical function as well as aesthetic value. 


Syogun, Daimyo,(Samurai families), Imperial families and wealthy merchants were the patrons of the grand masters, such as Kano Eitoku, (Kano family), Tosa family,  Hasegawa Tohaku.

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Tonight. 7 July - Japanese ancient rituals to make wishes....

7th July - Tanabata festival

Today is the day to make wishes.

Write your wishes on nice colored papers

Go wild and be with your wildest dream.

Let your thoughts out.

Let your dreams out.





On the 7th July in Japan, we celebrate Tanabata festival, known as start festival, one of the five traditional festivals to welcome the change of the seasons, do rituals of making offerings and wish for a good harvest, good health, and good life.


It has been taking place since the ancient time, recorded in the Heian period, the 9th century.


It originates from China. A romantic folk tale of lovers who can only meet once a year on the night of 7 July over the Milky way.

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Creating Haiku is simply to be in the now and express what we see, feel the season we are in, as to connect with nature, objects and ourselves, creating consciousness moment.


What is Haiku?

What Haiku brings us?

What is Haiku moment?


I am going to explore the answers deeper in this article.




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Haiku of the month - June








Midsummer, at night

In the shining sky

Stillness, there is 



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