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I'm Azumi Uchitani

As an essential bridge between Japan and Europe, helping global leaders discover Japanese ancient wisdom beyond culture. Teach how to apply its wisdom practically for everyday lives and be with inner peace and create conscious leadership and fulfilling life. Read More


In 2020, the world has changed. I stay agile,  adaptable to serve my clients, offering best possible solutions.

As a Speaker, I want to bring an experience that brings you SATORI,  a moment of realisation and inspiration. I simply uncover the Ancient Wisdom of Japan beyond culture, philosophy and spirituality. Invite you to the world of peace & harmony and be the light to lead the world.

I bring my 25 years of expertise in bridging Japan & Europe in business to help global leaders have deeper understanding of Japanese culture to enhance business. My training is practical, teaches you how to solve any issues & challenges arising from cultural differences. 

Japanese SALON is a place for Inner Peace, where I teach privately how to apply the Japanese ancient wisdom to our everyday lives with practices of Calligraphy & Tea Ceremony. Located in Bussum as a private gallery, with an exclusive Japanese art collection, where you can join the Monthly Open house & "Yasuragi Retreat".

It's an honour and pleasure to co-create a TV show, documentary and event with creative media professionals as I love sharing the essence of Japan. I welcome a request for an interview, documentary, and simply to be a Master of Ceremony. 

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