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Stay inspired, mindful and conscious to lead our global society


 "Azumi's presentation, "Beyond Cultures" has been solving our clients' years of problems in just one session."

- AKTEOS Intercultural Consulting, Netherlands




Azumi’s coaching program let you experience the unique blend of Japanese ancient wisdom, philosophy, spirituality, with the matirx of quontum physics and energy phsycology.


By practicing Japanese calligraphy and tea ceremony together, we enhance our life force energy of KI (気), tune into our sixth sense, the super consciousness. it will help you be in the present moment with inner peace,  your life, from finance, rel  health issues, to enhancing relationship with your partner, children and people around you.


With your heart open, expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding. Over time, your knowledge becomes your own wisdom!


Azumi will;

  • deepen your understanding about Japanese culture, business & life philosophy.
  • challenge you to see if your problem is a problem and help you see the truth.
  • guide you step by step to break your subconscious patterns of making false assumptions.

You will;

  • get inspired by uncovering the ancient wisdoms and core values of Japanese culture.
  • discover the root of all the issues in doing business with the Japanese.
  • find tools to stay in the present moment and keep awareness throughout a day.

What my Clients says....



“Azumi's presentation touched many hearts, and inspired many of us to be more mindful and peaceful in our daily lives. Azumi's talk was greatly appreciated by our members.”

- Chairman , IWC, Amsterdam


“Azumi is an excellent speaker with the valuable cross border business development experience, understanding the needs of European management teams to deal with Japanese companies. All of our clients where very happy with the trainings and consultancy delivered by her.

 –Akteos Intercultural Consulting, Amsterdam


“We LOVED Azumi's New Year training for our team building. Everyone enjoyed getting to know more about the meaning the wonderful Japanese culture.”

– Marcel Wanders Studio, Amsterdam


“Thanks to Azumi-san’s teaching, our participants were able to present themselves in an appropriate manner during our trade mission to Japan. They have already achieved a primary and secondary business goal”

 – Tom Schonen, Co-foudner, Rangemu



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