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Fragment of Japan - Haiku moment

Japanese KINTSUGI is not only just mending your broken objects with gold, but it has more profound meaning and teaching to our attitude towards life.
One of my favourite Japanese traditional festival and ancient rituals since I was a child. Tanabata festival on the 7th July. Let your wishes seen by the shining starts in the fresh summer sky,

KIKUBARI is the Japanese word for the art of attention. Azumi explains what is the beauty of this word and act, which is distributed worldwide through Rituals magazines at their stores.
Risk-averse, hierarchy, apply-rules, indirect, attention to the details, conflict avoidance…. These are some of the general Japanese characteristics that are embedded in their subconscious mind, influencing their behaviours. Some are quite an opposite to the Dutch and I receive tons of questions about the Japanese business culture. Today, I share some Japanese business “rituals” that will be handy to know when you are welcoming your Japanese business relations to your office. This article...

30 min Dinner Talk before your trip to Japan
haiku & art of the month - May

"Japanese art" - I guess the first thing comes to your mind would be the famous woodblock prints of "Ukiyoe" "Painting of Floating World" of Hokusai or Hiroshige. Van Gogh and Monet were those who were mesmerised by the woodblock prints. There are incredible collectors and researchers in Europe. On the other hands, more traditional form, Byobu - Japanese Screens are less widely known but these are the art where the Japanese love affair with the nature can be seen and felt....
haiku & art of the month - May

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