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Private course on Japanese culture & wisdom for your business and life. Wabisabi, Haiku, Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Shinto.......

April Offer with Akteos Nederland
1000 origami cranes project for Love Peace and Happiness for the newly joined municipality - Gooise Meren

Marcel Wonders kicks off 2017 with team -building workshop, dedicated to learn the culture and experience Japanese wisdom through calligraphy.

What my client says about 3 hrs program. Review from Tom Schoen, Co-founder Rangemu.

Project : Promotion and Curation for the works of Jiro Inagaki.

Last Saturday, I gave my second TED talk. It was really a valuable experience again and I am going to share with you 5 tips if you are to give a talk like in the setting of TEDx.