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Creating HAIKU poems is simply to be in the now, connect with our inner and outer world and express what we see, how we feel.

haiku & art of the month - May

haiku & art of the month - May

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色淡い 春の青空 安らかに April Colouring soft Spring blue sky In peace -Azumi

春の庭 金に輝く 木の芽たち In the spring garden, Shimmering gold, New sprouts in the trees. - Azumi

しずけさに あわくかがやく はかない美 read more

4 February is 立春 the day that the spring begins in the ancient Japanese (and Chinese). Still cold, but the feel more gentle light in the morning. Here is the art of the month and Haiku of the month.

年新た 白雪のなか 歩み出す New year beginning In the midst of white snow Stepping forward. - Azumi