YASURAGI - Inner Peace

TANABATA on 7 July is my favourite Japanese traditional festival since I was a child, with a romantic creative ritual. This is the day to let our wishes seen by the shining stats in the fresh summer sky….

Silence, space in-between is called "Ma" 間 in Japanese. You see them in Japanese architecture, zen-garden, art, music and conversation. It is a distinctive aspect of Japanese aesthetics. Why this silence in between is important?

How can Japanese perfection and the WABI SABI mindset co-exist? What is the difference between Perfection & Mastery? I share my insight into the Japanese art of Mastery, SHU HA RI.

Japanese KINTSUGI is not only just mending our broken objects with gold, but it is also a healing technique that we can apply to our life. Transform our painful event into a shining personal history.

May is the month of green, prosperity, and strength. Find out Japanese 5 symbols that welcome Prosperity and Strength. Let's tune into this divine energy.

GODAI is the Japanese philosophy of Five Elements. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Void...

The month of Sakura, the month of re-birth. I share what our Buddhist priest said to me.

Why do the Japanese bow? Bowing is the subtle but powerful gesture of sending our “Ki” the energy of our life force. In this period of no-body-contact, the Japanese way of greetings becomes handy in Europe.

Spring is here! March is the month where the feminine energy is in full force, as to give birth to divine beauty, for the flower to blossom, for all of us to blossom, after the winter hibernation. Are you ready to ride on this wave of energy and surf with joy? 3 March is the Japanese traditional Hina dolls Festival. Let's welcome the spring.

In the world of WABI SABI, there is no perfect nor imperfect. The beauty is not in the outer world, it is born from our inner world.

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