In our hustle & bustle daily lives, our mind is congested and our heart is starving. Inner Peace is what we all deserve.

To inspire people and create moments of peace together with Japanese philosophy and works of art - this is my mission. By combining both tangible and intangible elements, I help you to learn, feel and create the life you desire with The Art of Inner Peace. 


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Lectures & Courses


With your heart open, expand your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and learn to practice. Over time, your knowledge becomes your wisdom, the essential tools to enhance your life in the most challenging time.


As a public speaker, lecturer & consultant, I create program and courses that the participants needs. The topics I cover are Japanese Culture & Tradition, Life Philosophy, Spirituality, and Business with Japan.


I also offer private courses to those who wish to work with me in the process of personal transformation or business guidance.




Workshops & Events


Time to set you free from conceptual thoughts, help you create space and silence in your mind, be with inner-peace, any time of the day and enjoy the present moment. Uncover the art of Japan and create Inner-Peace.


With my signature YASURAGI session, you will activate your sixth sense and also get a deeper understanding of Japanese culture & philosophy, Wabi-Sabi and Zen, by feeling.


My Japanese SALON is located in a 19th-century villa Oud Holland, with a rare collection of Japanese art, inviting all walks of life from all over the world in the heart of the Netherlands.




Art & Production


Creation is sacred. Inspiration is noble. See, touch, smell, hear, feel, and be in the moment to create. I write articles, stories, Haiku poems, make calligraphy inspired artworks, and curate art collection, exhibition, and events.


My aim is to share the art of inner peace in a tangible way and make our life even more joyful every day, everywhere. 


From both corporate and private clients, I take assignments internationally and create what my client's heart desires.  I also share my writing, Haiku on this website, and also social media. Feel free to follow me and subscribe below.