Business with Japan

Silence, space in-between is called "Ma" 間 in Japanese. You see them in Japanese architecture, zen-garden, art, music and conversation. It is a distinctive aspect of Japanese aesthetics. Why this silence in between is important?

How can Japanese perfection and the WABI SABI mindset co-exist? What is the difference between Perfection & Mastery? I share my insight into the Japanese art of Mastery, SHU HA RI.

Practical Advice & Strategy to set you ready for your business trip to Japan by Azumi Uchitani, one of the leading intercultural business consultant with more than 20 years of experience.

Azumi Uchitani explores Tangible and Intangible aspects of culture, Unspoken rules and Core value. What is the core value of Japan?

Risk-averse, hierarchy, apply-rules, indirect, attention to the details, conflict avoidance…. These are the general Japanese characteristics.... Here, I share "4 Japanese Business Rituals" and tips to make a smooth start.

What my client says about 3 hrs program. Review from Tom Schoen, Co-founder Rangemu.

Marcel Wonders kicks off 2017 with team -building workshop, dedicated to learn the culture and experience Japanese wisdom through calligraphy.