"Business Tools for Japan" helps busy professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, management team, CEO / board of directors to do business with the Japanese and achieve their ultimate goal.


Helpful for the situation such as ; 

  • Considering M&A with a Japanese counter party
  • Before a meeting with the Japanese counter party
  • Middle of the negotiation with the Japanese
  • Post M&A integration
  • Business trip to Japan
  • Working at/with a Japanese company with problems & challenges and constantly stressed


In the total of 8 hours, you can learn and build ; 

  • 10 things you need to know to deal with the Japanese 
  • Insight of the Japanese culture, finesse, value and mindset
  • Brief overview of Japan
  • Essential Japanese business etiquettes and its effect.
  • Communication strategies for upcoming meetings
  • Improvement in your non verbal communication skills  
  • Daily practice tips to improve your general well being based on Japanese ancient wisdom

The course is given

  • in English 
  • 2 half days (4hrs x 2) 
  • for a group and private
  • at your premises 

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