You are very good at what you do and have success in your field,

but, too busy and overwhelmed with everyday life?

with your goals, challenges, study, carrier, health issues, business, parenting,

relationships, spiritual development …..?


Looking for a solution in your life?

Want to learn about Japanese wisdom?


With a blend of

eastern and western philosophy,

ancient wisdom and modern science,

With native Japanese innate healing techniques,


Temple of Japan Coaching Program gives you

hands-on pragmatic tools & strategies

to navigate your life with inner peace and

enhance every aspect of your life.


Like in a temple of Japan,

your sessions can be combined with the Japanese tea ceremony,

intuitive calligraphy and guided meditation.


Contact Azumi Uchitani to schedule for a free intake.



one session

60 min Introduction to the Temple of Japan Program

Online & Offline


Fees : €180


Introduction to the program, with Tea Ceremony or Calligraphy.





60 min on Zoom

consultation, Q&A and guided meditation. 


Fees €95


Zoom "Inner Peace" session, consultation, Q&A and guided meditation. you can take a session anywhere from the world.


5 or 10 sessions

a course of 60 min  sessions x

 at your own pace 

to continue


Price from €95 per session


For those who likes to follow my guidance in a long term and make this "inner Peace" practice a part of your life




Invest one afternoon for yourself, away from the hustle of bustle of everyday life.

Immerse yourself into the world of inner peace.

Be a part of us....

My students and clients are invited to join my private meditation group and events.

Outside the coaching hours, I make sure that you can benefit from my materials, writings and videos as well.

We can all connect to the energy of love & light wherever you are in the world, wherever your life situation is.

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More about the Program...

 Azumi’s coaching program lets you experience the unique blend of Japanese ancient wisdom, philosophy, spirituality, with the matrix of quantum physics and energy psychology, helping clients to be in the moment, live authentically, work harmoniously and manifest what they wish in everyday life.



  • Wish to learn in Japanese philosophy & ancient wisdom in depth
  • Unclear direction, searching for a path
  • Feel stressed chronically
  • Feel no sense of purpose and value
  • Feeling stuck, regrets, guilts....
  • Desiring passion and inspiration
  • Want to feel inner-peace
  • Want to improve relationships


  • Master how to incorporate the essence of Japanese wisdoms
  • Start your inner-journey, live with awareness 
  • Your mind and heart are in balance to make decisions.
  • Recognise your own value and purpose beyond cultures and social conditions
  • In touch with your intuition
  • Gain tools to accept and deal with emotions
  • Feel the inner peace and joy


What you can expect

In addition to consultation and verbal communication, Azumi brings meditation and Japanese calligraphy practice and tea ceremony during the sessions. This practice enhances our life force energy of KI (気), tune into our sixth sense, the super consciousness. This program will help you be in the present moment with inner peace, your life, from finance, carrier, health issues, to enhance the relationship with your partner, children and people around you. 


With your heart open, expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding. Over time, your knowledge becomes your wisdom.


Who is this for?

For over 15 years, Azumi's private coaching program has been highly appreciated by international leaders, international corporate executives, entrepreneurs, male & female leaders, creative professionals and aspiring young professionals. For the Japanese executives, please see Coaching for the Japanese Executives.





How does it work?

The sessions are available both at her location and online.  The venue of coaching is at Azumi's Salon at villa Oud Holland in Bussum, easily accessed by car and by train. The sessions can be taken online via Zoom or others.

Corona measurement is strictly applied during the session. Contact Azumi to schedule a free intake. 

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