Purify your mind, body & soul with Japanese ancient rituals

 "Yasuragi is a Japanese word that describes

the gentle feeling of Inner Peace.

Your heart is at ease, calm 

and harmony with yourself.

Like a flower opens,

Yasuragi opens your heart, body and soul.

It is the fountain of love, compassion and joy.

- Azumi


Practice to be in the moment.....

Yasuragi Retreat is planned in the afternoon for 2 hours of inner peace. With Japanese rituals of Tea Ceremony, Tea tasting, meditation and Calligraphy, you will be guided to be the "peace" with empty mind, and clear energy, in the buddhism term, a space of emptiness, "void", where the inspiration flows in. You will learn how to create this moment of Yasuragi, inner peace, throughout a day, everyday. Be peaceful, beautiful as a jewel. 

Available for a private or a small group session (max. 4) 


YASURAGI in steps....

(120 min session) 

 Step 1:  Japanese Tea (with sencha)

Greeting and start with a sip of Japanese tea.


Step 2:  Meditation

Calm our mind, empty our mind, listen to your inner feeling.


Step 3:  Silence - Purification (with Macha)

Tea Ceremony


Step 4: Japanese Calligraphy

Make the Japanese symbol that represents your moment, and release your energy out through the calligraphy brush.


Step 5 : Japanese Tea (with Bancha or Genmai cha)

To close the session



One private session (up to 2 persons) at Japanese SALON in Bussum, The Netherlands :  €225


For a group session at your location or for a corporate event, please contact.