YASURAGI  means "being at peace", "inner peace" in Japanese. YASURAGI can be created even in the midst of the busiest period and live with peace.


YASURAGI session is to "de-stress", "transform" your daily life, applying the ancient wisdom by experiencing some of the Japanese rituals.


You will tap into your sub-concious mind and learn to be in the moment, create peace. You will connect with yourself by practicing the simple technique in your busy daily life anytime, anywhere. You will start attracting what you really desire in your life.


At Yasuragi session,  you don't need to talk much.

It is all about experiencing, activating your five senses, being aware of every sensations, connecting to the flow of the energy and being able to feel what you are feeling, accepting your feeling, connect to who you really are.


After one session of 90 minutes,

You will learn to recognise what you are really feeling now.

You will feel relaxed.


During a course of five sessions,

You will start discovering your inner voice and what you were suppressing for many years.

You will start noticing the pattern of creating stress in any area of your life.

You will learn "acceptance" and "self love".


What will happen during the session?


Step 1:  Japanese Tea

Greeting and start with a sip of Japanese tea with simplified tea ceremony at the table


Step 2:  Meditation

Calm our mind, empty our mind, listen to your inner feeling.


Step 3:  Silence - Healing

Connect with the environment at the Salon, if necessary, healing session to unlock  the  blockage. 


Step 4: Japanese Calligraphy

Make the Japanese symbol that represents your moment, and release your energy out through the calligraphy brush.


Step 5 : Japanese Tea

To close the session



Who should attend?


I have been guiding 

- life coaches who wish to learn about Japanese wisdom with the Japanese rituals

- corporate leaders who wish to de-stress,  empower themselves and their team

- a project team to enhance their relationship

- creative professionals who wish to create more space of inspiration

- a couple who wish to connect at deeper level.

- women who wish to enhance their feminine energy.

- practitioners of inner peace (Yoga, Karate etc)

- teenage students to de-stress and improve their focus.


What are the fees?


Please contact by email with your contact details.