On a mission to build an essential bridge between Japan & Europe

Azumi Uchitani

Azumi is a leading Japanese management consultant, entrepreneur, public speaker, communication expert, writer and artist. Based in the Netherlands, fulfilling her life mission to build an essential bridge between Japan and Europe in business, culture and art and spirituality. Azumi offers corporate training, lectures & talks, business advisory, Japanese culture & art consultancy, commissioned works and spiritual coaching with Japanese philosophy.


Experience & Expertise...

For over 25 years, Azumi has been passionately helping CEOs, management teams and Investors to build cultural competence to succeed in M&A, joint ventures and developing new business with Japan. She is known as a corporate "marriage" expert, helping both Japanese and European sides who have "lost in translation" to re-connect and build a more solid bridge as a team to communicate and move forward.


She is an experienced celebrated professional speaker & presenter, two-times TEDx speaker, appearing on Dutch TV and media and online platforms, her talks are appreciated internationally. 


Azumi works on a global scale. Her clients include fortune 500 companies in IT, finance, tax & legal sectors, consulting firms, media production, leading museums and educators as well as public sectors and non-profit organisations.


Her Approach...

What makes her work so unique and popular is her holistic approach to build emotional intelligence and bring harmony to life, interconnecting business, culture, art and spirituality. Azumi decodes the complexity and mysticism of Japanese culture and philosophy in a simple practical way with the truth and authenticity, in a way no other would explain. She gently guides every client to uncover the essence of Japanese ancient wisdom and how to incorporate that into our everyday business & life.  Azumi's insight, 5 minutes on Japanese Wisdom are available on her YouTube channel.



Japanese SALON Art & Culture (est 2009) was born out of her passion to bring people together and experience  inner peace through Japanese art exhibitions and cultural workshops. She is a member of the Society of Japanese Art, advising leading museums and art collectors. 


Her artistic creative talent has been professionally recognised as an artist, writer, presenter, teacher and model, delivering calligraphy art, haiku, writing, event production and art collection. 

See Art Exhibition & Haiku publication, Calligraphy and writing for on Rituals magazine, book title, event production for Marcel Wanders Studio, modelling and cultural consultancy for KLM's promotion, social project "Beyond Cultures" for the municipality of Gooise Meren.



How can I help you?

With Azumi, you can be helped from doing business with Japan, to learning about Japanese spirituality and finding an auspicious Japanese art. She can help you bring your business & life into harmony and peace.

See below what she offers.


Japanese tea ceremony

As a Speaker, I want to bring an experience that leads you to SATORI,  a moment of realisation and inspiration. I simply uncover the Ancient Wisdom of Japan deeply embedded in culture and art. Invite you to the world of peace & harmony and be the light to lead the world.

I bring my 25 years of expertise in bridging Japan & Europe in business to help global leaders have deeper understanding of Japanese culture to enhance business. My training is practical, teaches you how to solve any issues & challenges arising from cultural differences. 

If you wish to work with me privately, to enhance every aspect of life, I invite you to my unique life & business coaching program, integrating Japanese ancient wisdom into our modern everyday life. Combined with the Japanese spiritual practices, letting science meet spirituality, I help my clients to be in the moment, live authentically, work harmoniously and manifest how you wish to live every day.

It's an honour and pleasure to co-create a TV show, documentary and event with creative media professionals as I love sharing the essence of Japan. I welcome a request for an interview, documentary, and simply to be a Master of Ceremony. 

over 25 years, working with the world leaders


Watch Azumi's insights on Wabi Sabi philosophy