"If we study Japanese art,


we see a man who is undoubtedly wise,


philosophic and intelligent,


who spends his time doing what?


He studies a single blade of grass."


- Vincent Van Gogh



Japanese ancient wisdom intrigued and mesmerised many, famously, as we  see in the works of  Van Gogh.


Japanese wisdom, such as Wabi Sabi,  is to be felt in our heart, rather than to be understood in our logical mind.  As a bridge between the traditional spiritual Japanese world and modern western life, as spoke on TEDx, I share the Japanese ancient wisdom in a way we can simply apply to our daily life through coaching, talks & workshops.


It has been also my mission to bridge the cultural differences and co-create business in multinational organisations over the last 25 years. SENRYAKYU means strategy, YASURAGI means the feeling of inner peace in Japanese. In my consulting services and training  programs, I bring both to the table.


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