Unlock the Wisdom of Ancient Japan


Nice to meet you here!

I am Azumi Uchitani,

a Consultant, Coach, Keynote Speaker, Writer and Artist,

dedicating to Bridging Cultures with Innovative Communication.


Unlock the Wisdom of Ancient Japan with me.


My teaching are accessible through

e-Books, videos and articles on this website.


Explore the practical application of

Japanese ancient wisdom,

such as Wabisabi, Ichigo Ichie, Bushido, Ikigai, secrets for longevity & inner peace,

dive into the life philosophy of Shinto and Zen Buddhism

for both personal development and orgainsational success.


I offer  Coaching, Consulting, Lecture & Creative Work (Writing & Art) 


Join me on this transformative journey to manifest your deepest desire!

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About Azumi Uchitani


"It is my life mission to practice

the wisdom of ancient Japan

in this fast pacing society,

sharing it with my clients 

to live and work

in harmony & peace


in the global community."


Azumi Uchitani is recognized as one of the leading consultants and keynote speakers on Japanese culture in Europe. She is also a life & business coach, artist and writer.


Azumi decodes the complexity and mysticism of Japanese culture and philosophy in a straightforward and authentic manner, providing insights that set her apart. She guides each client gently, helping them uncover the essence of Japanese ancient wisdom and integrate it into their everyday business and life to manifest their true desires.


Born and raised in traditional family in Japan and has spent last three decades in Europe, building a successful career in joint ventures and post-merger integration of Fortune 500 companies as a business consultant and corporate trainer. Holding a degree in Inter-Cultural Communication and Business Management, she is also qualified as a business and life coach.


In 2009, recognising what her heart desires, Azumi founded Japanese SALON Art & Culture in Amsterdam, drawing inspiration from the 19th-century Salon culture in Europe. She curated a series of events to share the core aspects of Japanese culture, art, and philosophy. With the onset of the Covid pandemic, the platform transitioned to a YouTube channel featuring a weekly video, "5 minutes on Japanese Wisdom," which has embraced a global audience.


A two-time TEDx speaker, Azumi has extensive experience in the media, providing interviews and co-producing programs. Beyond spoken words, she expresses her teachings through writing and art. Professionally recognized for

her artistic creativity, her works are permanently exhibited at two locations in New York – Nomadworks Times Square and Bronx Art Space – and in private and corporate collections in New York, London, Amsterdam, and Dublin. Her book is set to be published in Spring 2025.


She currently resides in Dublin, dividing her time between New York, Amsterdam and her family home in Japan.