I'm Azumi Uchitani, based in The Netherlands, where I live locally and work globally.


"Co-Creation Beyond Cultures" -   this is simply what I do professionally and personally.


In this website, I named my consulting services SENRYAKU, YASURAGI, and ART OF JAPAN.


"SENRYAKU"  is a Japanese word for Strategy.

"YASURAGI" means the feeling of Inner-Peace.


Like Yin and Yang, we need both. Especially in the corporate world, when every individual, from the CEO to employees, can carry peace and harmony within themselves, things will evolve flawlessly as a flower opens. 


ART OF JAPAN is my artistic expression of Japanese ancient wisdom, through writing, talks, and artworks. You can also visit my Japanese SALON.


To get to know who I am, what I offer, please see below, watch my TED talk, read my articles, connect me on Linkedin.


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I will be pleased to hear from you and please contact directly.