Azumi Uchitani, a leading Japanese business consultant with over 20 years of experience, gives talks, lectures, training, advisory services on M&A and help European leaders and influencers magically uncover the Japanese culture & mindfulness in a short span of time.


She is popularly known in the Netherlands as an inspiring public speaker for Japanese culture and mindfulness for business, as spoke at TEDx twice and appeared on TV and radio programs both in the Netherlands and Ireland over her last 25 years of her life in Europe.


Her talk is always carried in an authentic, concise and engaging style.

That has helped many European leaders to understand the Japanese values, enabling them to make a strategic communication plan for their meetings and business transactions.


She continues to research, share and exchange information on cultural awareness to bring the best quality contents to the clients.


A unique gift from her talk is a practical guide on how we can increase more blissful moment by incorporating the fragment of Japanese ancient wisdom, mindfulness into everyday life here in Europe.


Her talk and lectures can be requested through Speakers Academy