"The life of a butterfly"


My grandmother told me this story.


When you are a caterpillar,

Enjoy crawling as much as possible, 

Build good muscle.  

Never tempt to fly, otherwise you will fall.


When you are a pupa,

Don’t worry about the uncertainty,

Be patient. 

Never force yourself to get out of the cocoon, otherwise you will not fully grow.


When you are a butterfly,

Trust your wings, 

Remember the time as a caterpillar, as a pupa.

Now, your knowledge and skills are your wisdom.

Share the wisdom, bring the beauty to the world.



“From the land of Nature & Spirituality...

Born into a traditional spiritual Japanese family and raised with the teachings of Shingon Buddhism and Shinto. We have a shamanic ancestry in our female bloodline, rooted in the sacred mountain of Wakayama. The rituals of spiritual practices, the Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and Calligraphy were all part of my daily routine. 


I moved to Europe to study and established a career as a business management consultant bridging Japan & Europe. I successfully achieved my goals working with global finance & IT companies. But I was detached from my root, daily practices and fell fatally ill with an autoimmune disorder. This was a calling to wake up. This was the time I gained a true appreciation and deeper insights into the essence of the teachings and rituals that I had practiced. The wisdom was passed through from the masters, from generation to generations. I believe this is my mission to share this wisdom in this modern society. I keep learning, practicing and bring this essence of wisdom, Inner Peace, with me anytime, anywhere, from a living room to a board room. 


Bring the Essence of Japanese Ancient Wisdom

In 2009, I founded “Japanese SALON” as a platform to bring people together through Japanese culture, mindfulness workshops, and art exhibitions.

I have been hosting monthly SALON, the open house and giving YASURAGI sessions workshops with Tea Ceremony and Japanese Calligraphy. 


I was granted a great opportunity to speak at TEDx twice, and I keep delivering talks and lectures with Speakers Academy and corporate trainings with Akteos Intercultural Training. My clients include global fortune 500 companies, as well as a local school. I love teaching to all walks of life and interaction with people from different cultural backgrounds. I also welcome invitations by TV, Radio and YouTube shows. During my time in Ireland, I shared stages with the Irish celebrities on prime talk shows, the Pat Kenny Show, Late Late Show by Gerry Ryan.  In recent years in the Netherlands, on Dutch National TV & Radio, NPO, RTL. 


The Art of Inner Peace

My artistic expression of Japanese ancient wisdom is in my writings, Japanese calligraphy, creative direction, art curation and event production. With pleasure, I have delivered my work to leading international Dutch companies, such as Rituals Cosmetics and Marcel Wanders. I enjoy writing, making Haiku, visual art, playing the piano and being in nature. 


I am based in a leafy town of Bussum, the beautiful area of Het Gooi, in the Netherlands, where I live locally, travel, and serve globally.


Currently working on my book project and through my blog and social media, I share my Haiku and some of the writings.  I will keep you updated! 


With Love & Light,