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The Ritual of March - Japanese HINA MATSURI - Tune into Divine Feminine Energy!
Spring is here! March is the month when feminine energy is at its peak, birthing divine beauty and blossoming flowers after winter hibernation. Are you ready to ride this wave of energy and surf with joy? March 3rd marks the Japanese traditional HINA MATSURI - Dolls Festival. Find out what is the ritual of HINA MATSURI & Let's welcome the spring together. 🌸

SHU HA RI - The Japanese Art of Mastery
How can Japanese perfection and the WABI SABI mindset co-exist? What is the difference between Perfection & Mastery? I share my insight into the Japanese art of Mastery, SHU HA RI.

TANABATA - 7 July - What are your wishes?
TANABATA on 7 July is my favourite Japanese traditional festival since I was a child, with a romantic creative ritual. This is the day to let our wishes seen by the shining stats in the fresh summer sky….

Can we embrace things as they are?
By embracing anything in life, without giving any judgement to it, we give compassion to our very self, we can become more creative and make a wiser choice for our action from the space of peace and love.

WAY OF TEA - The Ritual of Silence
Japanese Tea Ceremony, (茶道) Way of Tea is a cultural, spiritual and social activity practiced in Japan, based on the philosophy of Zen Buddhism. It is not just about making this special tea. It is a practice and discipline to quiet our minds, empty our thoughts, totally be in the present moment to appreciate the time and space.

WA - the Japanese Art of Harmony
Wa 和 Harmony is the aesthetic and core value that drives Japanese people, embedded deep down in our subconscious mind. Harmony with people, nature, season and the life force energy....

What "Shadow" means to you? In western culture, the word "Shadow" has a negative connotation. In Japanese, the Shadow, KAGE (影, 陰) gives a slightly different sensation. KAGE 影 plays an important role in WABI SABI aesthetics...

What is KIKUBARI? KIKUBARI is the Japanese word that describes the art of attention. It is an act of compassion and love from our heart..... Azumi explain the beauty of KIKUBARI and her contribution to the Dutch company RITUALS...

Inner Peace starts with the cleanness of our inner and outer world. The task of cleaning is regarded as sacred as meditation in Zen Buddhism, Shintoism and school education. Here is my insight...

Silence, space in-between is called "Ma" 間 in Japanese. You see them in Japanese architecture, zen-garden, art, music and conversation. It is a distinctive aspect of Japanese aesthetics. Why this silence in between is important?

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