KIKUBARI - The Art of Attention


気 “KI” :  energy of our life force

配り “KUBARI” : distribute


KIKUBARI is a Japanese word that describes

the act of paying appreciative attention

to the people around you

without expecting anything in return.


KIKUBARI brings a subtle smile

to the hearts of both the giver and the receiver.

It is a thoughtful gesture of giving and sharing

the energy of love and compassion.


This is one of the beautiful Japanese values that I cherish and practice. It is all about sharing love and compassion to people around ourselves and things around us. The Japanese Tea ceremony is one of the finest examples of KIKUBARI.


In our daily life, for example, 

- If your colleague looks tired, distressed, bring a cup of tea/coffee, without any words.

- Keep the room warm (or cool) before your guests arrive.

- Keep the tea cup warm with hot water before serving.

- Arrange some flower for the room.

- Offer a seat to the elderly


we could add more to this list


From the heart, not from the mind.

KIKUBARI gesture comes from our heart and not from our mind. 

It is only possible when we have space in our mind and when we are not clouded by our thoughts. It is not because we have to be "kind", or we want to be "nice", or want to "win" or because it is a manner. It is an intuitive act with an inspiration to share our energy of love and compassion. We act immediately, without thinking if I should do or not.


Return to your pure energy , Love and Compassion 

Probably in a relationship, where two people are in love, KIKUBARI comes naturally as a flow. But during the challenging time, during the argument or in a heated business meeting, sharing the love and compassion would not come naturally as our mind is hijacked and creating blockage for our pure energy to flow.



In our daily life where we face challenges, this is the very time to to simply bring our attention to breathing and train our mind to stop thinking and to gradually return be "zero", to be empty, to be peace. We practice our "meditation", without luxury of our meditation cushion, meditation music and candles! This is the real spiritual training throughout the day.


When we master this, we can return to our pure energy of love and compassion no matter what is happening. The energy of love and compassion will start to flow like a fountain. Then, we start sharing the act of KIKUBARI - distribution of our loving energy and any negative energy will be transformed.


When the mind is empty, we are fully in the now.


KIKUBARI to the world with Rituals magazine

I have written this concept of KIKUBARI and calligraphy for Rituals Magazine spring/ summer2019,  in which my calligraphy came out wonderfully in gold embossing. Making Calligraphy is like dancing with my energy. My energy is in charge and guide me to create!  The magazine has been distributed through Rituals stores internationally. 



Be in the now and let's share our joy, love and compassion.


Not yesterday, not tomorrow, we live this day.


Thanks for reading,


with Love & Light