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"It is my life mission to practice

the wisdom of ancient Japan

in this fast pacing society,

sharing it with my clients 

to live and work

in harmony & peace

in the global community."




Unlock the essence of Japanese wisdom with Azumi, a passionate keynote speaker, Japan authority and twice TEDx speaker. Azumi decodes the complexities of Japanese culture into transformative insights for your business and personal life. Her engaging talks deliver "SATORI" moments, inspiring innovation and resilience.


Azumi offers both online and in-person talks & lectures, tailored for organizations, seminars, events, universities and educational institutions. Azumi has been featuring on TV documentaries and talk shows and available for media interviews as well. 

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Embark on a transformative coaching journey with Azumi, infused with the richness of Japanese ancient wisdom. Azumi's mentoring program goes beyond conventional professional coaching, blending science, logic and ancient wisdom, harnessing her 6th sense to channel the flow of energy. Azumi brings resilience and insights cultivated from overcoming personal challenges in our fast-paced society.


Azumi is expert in enhancing your communication skills in many layers. Tailored for personal growth, career transitions, leadership, stress and burn-out reduction and enhancing relationships, Azumi's guidance is particularly valuable for those seeking to incorporate the wisdom of ancient Japan into their lives, enhance your communication skills and live a lifestyle of manifesting what you desire.  Read more



Elevate your corporate team's harmony with Azumi for long-term success. Collaborate with Azumi, a board-level management consultant and trusted adviser, to enhance communication, business development, and team building in cross-cultural joint ventures.


Azumi excels in providing not just knowledge but also pragmatic communication strategies in global business communication. She is also an expert in bridging the gap between Japan, Europe, and the US, Azumi has a proven track record of resolving complex issues in joint ventures arising from miscommunication and bring harmonious flow into the organisation and business for better productivity. collaboration and efficiency.

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Creative Work


Azumi’s teaching voice extends to her creative works. She is an established artist, writer, and digital content creator, seamlessly blending traditional Japanese artistic discipline with corporate communication expertise. Her creative works are a direct reflection of her teachings, incorporating ancient Japanese wisdom into the fast paced modern life, brining peace and harmony, with a touch of Manhattan sophistication. Azumi shares her artistic influence globally, sharing her talents and insights with clients worldwide, in art, writing, and contents & event productions.


Her portfolio showcases featured artworks exhibited in Manhattan, New York, alongside articles published in various magazines. 

If you wish to enhance your living and work atmosphere with Azumi's unique creations, visit Art for office and Gallery. 

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