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 "Azumi's training has been solving our clients' years of problems in just one session."


- AKTEOS Intercultural Consulting, Netherlands


Decode the complexity...


To work efficiently together in multicultural environment, we know it is a must for every individual to understand cultural differences. But the key is to have the right strategy and tools how to deal with the differences.


I help my clients, at management, investment & operational level, move forward by overcoming challenges & issues arising from cultural differences in every stage of business, by bringing the strategy, tools and solutions for working with the Japanese. To joint our forces, I also partner with consulting companies and law firms to bring the best results to our clients.

  • managing a Japanese subsidiary in Europe
  • closing a deal
  • setting up a subsidiary
  • M&A from a negotiation process to post merger integration
  • joint-venture & partnership
  • implementing a project


Azumi will;

  • deepen your understanding about Japanese culture, business & life philosophy.
  • challenge you to see if your problem is a problem and help you see the truth.
  • guide you step by step to break your subconscious patterns of making false assumptions.


You will;

  • get inspired by uncovering what's behind the Japanese culture and its core values and wisdoms.
  • be aware of the root of all the issues arising from the cultural differences.
  • get strategy & tools to tackle issues and deal with your responsibility and move forward.



Start with a virtual intake call and consultation to get an overview of client's business and find out the needs of the participants. Then, a suitable program framework and contents will be propose.



Your training will be hosted at your office, an event location or virtually, according to the program we create, from 2 hours to a full day(s).




I care how my clients are doing after the training and help further. Clients are invited to online & offline events at my Japanese SALON and have the access to informative articles & videos.



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