Coaching with Japanese Wisdom

Learn Japanese Ancient Wisdom & Make your life fulfilling 


Azumi's coaching program stands out for its uniqueness. If conventional coaching methods haven't resonated with you, this could be a transformative option. Azumi integrates authentic ancient Japanese wisdom along with her professional coaching education and life & business experience, incorporating elements of quantum physics and energy psychology. Through her guidance, clients learn to observe their thoughts, achieve mind-body synchronization, and channel the flow of energy daily, paving the way for manifesting their desires and outcome.  She is an expert in communication. She also offer mentoring program to enhance your communication.


Who is this for?


For more than 15 years, Azumi's coaching program has been benefited by entrepreneurs, corporate executives, women in leadership roles, creative professionals, aspiring young professionals, as well as those who are dealing with mental and physical health issues. This program addresses various challenges, including stress, burnout, getting over depression and chronic illness, work-life balance, career path exploration, relationship with your partner & children and the pursuit of life purpose.


Where you are now

  • Wish to incorporate Japanese life philosophy and ancient wisdom into daily life
  • Seeking clarity and direction, navigating the search for a purposeful path
  • Experiencing stress and burnout
  • Dealing with chronic illness and its challenges
  • Feeling a lack of purpose and value in life
  • Stuck in a cycle of regrets and guilt
  • Desiring renewed passion and inspiration
  • Longing for inner peace
  • Seeking improvement in personal relationships

Bring you here

  • Master the art of incorporating the essence of ancient Japanese wisdom into your life.
  • Embark on an inner journey, practicing the tuning into divine energy.
  • Achieve a harmonious balance between your mind and heart for confident decision-making.
  • Recognize your intrinsic value and purpose, transcending cultural and social conditions.
  • Deepen your connection with intuition as a guiding force in your life.
  • Acquire practical tools to accept and navigate through a range of emotions.
  • Experience the profound sense of inner peace and joy that comes with this transformative practice.



 How does it work?

Azumi's mentoring is offered online, available for anyone from any locations. For those who wish to have in person session, it is possible to arrange the session in New York, Amsterdam and Dublin, depending on Azumi's travel schedule.


Depending on the client's needs, sessions may include Body, Mind, Heart synchronization meditation, and Japanese Calligraphy sessions. These additional components enhance the holistic approach of Azumi's mentoring program, providing a well-rounded experience tailored to individual requirements. 

  • One single session for individual  - 60 min (Your investment:  EUR 180) 
  • 1 months program for individual  (60min x 4 sessions : EUR 660)
  • 3 months program for individual  (60min x 12 sessions : EUR 1950)
  • Other options available for corporate clients

Step 1.

Chose the program and send the request form below. Please mention what you like to work on and your desired outcome.


Step 2.

You will receive a reply to select the date and time.


Step 3.

You will receive a confirmation and payment instruction. Payment to be made before the session starts.


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