Azumi's series of artwork MUSHIN, in a state of nothingness
Azumi Uchitani's series of artwork, titled "MUSHIN - In a state of nothingness" It is a state where the mind is free from distractions, attachments and emotion, allowing one to act in perfect harmony with the present moment.

Azumi's series of artwork HINODE, Power of the Sun
Azumi Uchitani's series of artwork, titled "HINODE - Sunrise in New York," draws inspiration from the sunrise in Manhattan in 2022, igniting her creative process and inner power. Through her paintings of the sun, she captures the essence of divine energy and life force within the golden circle. The artwork is available for purchase.

Register Now! |Thank you, New York! | Guided Meditation with Japanese Caliigraphy and Wisdom
New York City Meditaiton with Azumi Uchitani - Unlock tranquillity with guided meditation and Japanese calligraphy, blending mindfulness and cultural wisdom in a serene experience

Register now! | Meet Azumi at New York Times Square Exhibition| Spring Open House |April 11 2024
New York Exhibition - Meet & Greet! Open House on Thursday 11th April at Nomadworks, Times Square, 240W 40th St, NYC. Azumi welcomes you to the premiere of her latest series, "Art of Mushin, in a state of nothing"- art & Poem accompanied by Japanese Tea Ceremony.

We are excited to present a delightful Saturday afternoon, "Argentine Tango & Japan," featuring the internationally acclaimed legend of Argentine Tango, maestro Carlos Rivarola (1952, Argentina), who has made a remarkable contribution to Japan over the last consequent four decades. This special occasion will coincide with his visit to Ireland, organised by Tango Classes Lucia & Gerry as part of his 2024 European tour during the month of the Japanese Sakura festival, putting a spotlight...

March Exclusive | Women in Leadership | Book Online Coaching with Japanese Mindfulness & Create Inner Peace in Business
Cultivate inner peace in business with JAPANESE MINDFULNESS with Azumi Uchitani. Book Online Coaching, Corporate Workshop! Experience Azumi's signature Life & Business Coaching method with the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy Meditation, KINTSUGI. Learn to bring harmony to yourself and your team. Special March offer! Book now!

Unveiling Secrets in Japanese Literature - The Tale of Genji
Join me on 13 March for my monthly online talk & meeting on "Unveiling Secrets in Japanese Literature" and let’s explore the Tale of Genji, a classic Japanese masterpiece of literature and the world’s first novel.

New York Times Square Exhibition Open House 2023
New York Exhibition - Meet & Greet! Open House on Thursday 16th Nov at Nomadworks, Times Square, 240W 40th St, NYC.

New York Times Square Exhibition Dec 2022
Azumi's new exhibition starts on 8 December at Nomadworks Times Square in New York. Opening Reception, 5-8pm. Visit us or join online!

New York Tour July 2022 | HIKARI - The Art of Light  |Exhibition & Workshop
Delighted to announce my New York Tour, HIKARI, The Art of Light, Exhibition & Workshops in two locations, with my signature Kintsugi and Japanese Calligraphy meditation.

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