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Autumn & Winter 2023

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Online Talk


Insight Japan

with Azumi


SEPTEMBER: Tuesday 12th

19:00-20:00 BST

Isolation and Innovation:

Japan's Closed Country Period and Its Legacy


OCTOBER : Tuesday 10th

19:00-20:00 BST

50 shades of love : 

Japanese Wedding Traditions and Romance in Japanese Courtship


 NOVEMBER: Tuesday 7th 

19:00-20:00 BST

Parallel Horizons :

Blending Tradition and Modernity in Japanese Culture


NOVEMBER: Tuesday 30th 

19:00-20:00 BST

Yokai 妖怪: Supernatural Entities in Japanese Culture

Online Course


Calligraphy Meditation



Monday 4 Sep (19:00-20:00 BST) 

The Art of Cove 江 


Monday 18 Sep (19:00-20:00 BST)

The Art of Door 戸



Monday 2 Oct (19:00-20:00 BST)

Monday 16 Oct  (19:00-20:00 BST)

Monday 30 Oct(19:00-20:00 BST)



Monday 13 Nov (19:00-20:00 BST) 

Monday 27 Nov (19:00-20:00 BST)



Monday 11 Dec  (19:00-20:00 BST)



 Visit Azumi's Art Exhibition

in New York


Azumi's art works are exhibited in 2 unique locations in the heart of Manhattan, bringing peace & harmony to hustle and bustle New York City working space gallery.


Nomadworks Times Square

240W 40th NYC


Nomadworks Broadway

1216 Broadway NYC


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