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I am a specialist in Communication 


Drawing from Azumi's profound understanding of both Japanese wisdom and Western business methodologies and her extensive experience in global business and cross cultural communication expertise, Azumi introduces a transformative approach to business communication strategy and personal growth. She doesn't merely bridge the gap between East and West; she creates a confluence where business strategies are infused with cultural empathy, emotional intelligence, and a deep understanding of the human element in business.


 Azumi is democratising the essence of ‘Flow’ – a state where cultural insight, strategic thinking, and personal harmony converge to create optimal performance and decision making. Her approach transcends traditional business consulting, offering a pathway to ‘flow’ in an environment where businesses and leaders are often stuck in a paradigm of disjointed strategies and cultural misunderstandings.


Her strategy is not about applying band-aid solutions to complex problems; it’s about instilling a fundamental change in how businesses operate and leaders think. By learning how to ‘Channel Flow’, organisations and individuals can navigate the VUCA world with agility, create sustainable growth paths, and foster environments where cultural understanding and strategic innovation go hand in hand.


In essence, Azumi's intervention is not just a shift in strategy but a paradigm shift in the way businesses and leaders align themselves in the global landscape. Her unique blend of art, culture, and business acumen offers a holistic approach that transforms challenges into opportunities, turning the tide in favour of those who embrace this harmonious path to business and personal success.


Experience & Expertise

As a trusted advisor and board-level management consultant, Azumi has successfully and discreetly worked across various business phases for global corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, implementing Cross Cultural Communication strategy. Azumi is the authority when it comes to Japanese business. 

  • Post Merger integration
  • M&A negotiation strategy
  • Joint venture strategy
  • Global Team building



 How does it work?

Azumi's consulting services is offered both online and in person, available for anyone from any locations. 

It starts from the free intake call of 30 min and discuss the required way of working.


To maximize the outcome, Azumi's program starts from a duration of minimum of one month. 


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