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WAY OF TEA - The Ritual of Silence
Japanese Tea Ceremony, (茶道) Way of Tea is a cultural, spiritual and social activity practiced in Japan, based on the philosophy of Zen Buddhism. It is not just about making this special tea. It is a practice and discipline to quiet our minds, empty our thoughts, totally be in the present moment to appreciate the time and space.

WA - the Japanese Art of Harmony
Wa 和 Harmony is the aesthetic and core value that drives Japanese people, embedded deep down in our subconscious mind. Harmony with people, nature, season and the life force energy....

What is KIKUBARI? KIKUBARI is the Japanese word that describes the art of attention. It is an act of compassion and love from our heart..... Azumi explain the beauty of KIKUBARI and her contribution to the Dutch company RITUALS...

May is the month of green, prosperity, and strength. Find out Japanese 5 symbols that welcome Prosperity and Strength. Let's tune into this divine energy.

Why do the Japanese bow? Bowing is the subtle but powerful gesture of sending our “Ki” the energy of our life force. In this period of no-body-contact, the Japanese way of greetings becomes handy in Europe.

KIKUBARI is the Japanese word for the art of attention. Azumi explains what is the beauty of this word and act, which is distributed worldwide through Rituals magazines at their stores.