Join us! Exhibition & workshop in New York City!
Nomadworks, a mindful co-working space in Broadway will be hosting Azumi's art exhibitions & her signature Japanese calligraphy meditation workshop on Sat 23 October 2021.

NEW! Online Course - Japanese Calligraphy Meditation
After a popular event on Japanese Calligraphy and Meditation and in response to a number of requests, we are excited to launch a series of workshops to experience the beauty of Japanese calligraphy, poems and meditation.

JAKU - The Art of Stillness
~JAKU - The Art of Stillness~ Between words, between images, between sounds, between thoughts, There is stillness. There is silence. This is my kingdom, where I always return to.......

SEI - The Art of Purification
SEI - the art of purification "I clean my living space, I clean my working space, I clean my body, I clean my energy, I clean my mind. When I feel the darkness, I wash my thought with the water of light...

KEI - The Art of Respect
~ KEI - The Art of Respect ~ "I just look around. People, Objects, Trees, Flower…..We are all standing here, on this earth. We look different, But in all of us, all of the things, There is this essence, the divine energy…

WA - The Art of Harmony
~ WA - The Art of Harmony ~ "I listen to my breath. In the rhythm of my breath, I am in sync with my soul. I am in harmony with myself, in silence, in peace......

MICHI - The Art of Life
~MICHI, The Art of Life ~"MICHI means a path. I am walking in the path, called life, guided by my soul, enchanted by the divine. This path is my destination. My destination is where I am right now....."

YASURAGI - The Art of Inner Peace
~ YASURAGI - The Art of Inner Peace ~ "Yasuragi is a Japanese word that describes the gentle feeling of inner peace. Like a flower opens, Yasruragi opens my heart, my body and my soul..."

ICHIGO ICHIE - The Art of Encounter
~ICHIGO ICHIE - The Art of Encounter~ ICHI GO means one span of life time. ICHI E means one meeting. One life time, One meeting. What I experience everyday happens only once in my life time....

SHU HA RI - The Art of Mastery
SHU HA RI - The Japanese art of Mastery. Mastery is not perfection. Dedicate to walk on the path, mastering the basics, detaching from the known and transcending.....

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