Japanese KINTSUGI is not only just mending our broken objects with gold, but it is also a healing technique that we can apply to our life. Transform our painful event into a shining personal history.

May is the month of green, prosperity, and strength. Find out Japanese 5 symbols that welcome Prosperity and Strength. Let's tune into this divine energy.

8min documentary for Dutch TV program "Iedereen Verlicht" (everyone enlightened) . " WABI SABI & My life journey" . Presenting & teaching Japanese life philosophy, Dutch National TV NPO 2 - Iedereen Verlicht, broadcasted on 10th Nov 2019.

Front cover design for RITUALS summer 2019 campaign magazine, international. Japanese Calligraphy and writing a concept

GODAI is the Japanese philosophy of Five Elements. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Void...

The month of Sakura, the month of re-birth. I share what our Buddhist priest said to me.

Haiku & Art for April. From "the Seasons" by Azumi Uchitani

Rare Japanese Art collection. The original artworks of Toko Shinoda (107 years old). The art of inner peace.

Why do the Japanese bow? Bowing is the subtle but powerful gesture of sending our “Ki” the energy of our life force. In this period of no-body-contact, the Japanese way of greetings becomes handy in Europe.

Haiku & Art for March. From "the Seasons" by Azumi Uchitani

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