Can we embrace things as they are?


Now, April 2021, as the pandemic of Corona continues, it seems we are still in this dark tunnel, waiting our life goes back to as it was.  It is so easy to go down the path of complaining and worrying and experience the "misery" together. 

Would it help though? I would rather collectively uplift our level of energy. 


No matter how bad our current situation is, we can consciously shift our focus to what we have right now and what we can do in this very moment. See how we can enjoy with what we have now.....


Wabi Sabi is the Japanese ancient philosophy, creating the mindset to see things as they are, without attaching any judgement. To teach this philosophy of Wabi Sabi I used to use the word “accept”, but actually the word EMBRACE delivers what I really mean.  


Accept -> Embrace


By embracing anything in life, without giving any judgement to it, we give compassion to our very self, we can become more creative and make a wiser choice for our action from the space of peace and love. 


“Accept” sounds like giving up and rejecting our own true feeling. 

“Embrace” is pro-active and welcoming the higher power, leads to healing, leads to solutions, transform your inner experience without any changes happening in the outer world....


What will you do if your favourite cup get broken? 

Will you find it useless and "dead"? Will you through it away with the anger and sadness?

Or will you repair them and cherish it, even though they are not usable? 

KINTSUGI is a Japanese ancient art form to repair broken porcelain with gold stitches. 

We can apply the philosophy of KINTSUGI to ourselves, and also any human relationships as well..... 

We don't have to be a spotless shiny porcelain. We can embrace our broken parts or missing parts. Gold stitches will make us unique, more beautiful.


After conflicts, after fights, we can repair the relationship, again and again and becomes more intimate, unique and beautiful. 




~Living with Wabi Sabi Philosophy ~