KINTSUGI - The Art of Healing - Living with “Kintsugi” philosophy


"KINSUGI" literary means gold stitching in Japanese. 金つぎ

It is a Japanese art form of mending broken porcelain with lacquer, dusted with gold, or silver. It dates back to the 15th century. Although we find this mending method of broken pottery with lacquer from an earlier period in prehistoric pottery, KINTSUGI beacame accepted and used as an art form as the philosophy of Tea Ceremony, Wabi Sabi was established.


Japanese KINTSUGI is not only just mending our broken objects with gold, but it has more profound meaning and teaching to our attitude towards life.


KINTSUGI - Japanese ancient wisdom,

The Art of Healing - Wisdom for everyday

The broken object gets revived with gold patches.

The broken part is truely accepted and cherished as a history of the object, a form of art, rather than getting disguised with immaculate repairing.


With Kintsugi mindset, when things are broken, we don't analyse how it broke. We see something is broken without any judgment. We accept things as it is. We see a shining opportunity to re-create this object, with gold. The history of broken will shine as if celebrating that it is still existing even more beautifully. 


The art of Kintsugi is healing. Healing our mind and our heart from the event and transforming to something greater.

The broken part will never be diminished nor disguised, it remains as a scar but as a beautiful unique design that exist only one in the world.


 When we can embrace all as it is without any judgment, with our heart in peace, that is the healing.  We heal our inner self and outer world will be healed too.


We tend to hide our flaws, wounds, broken parts, as we are programed to define with the negativity.  But once we courageously accept the fact and embrace as they are, without adding any judgement and criticism, like lighting them up with gold, our old pain will become a shining unique form of art, which we will start cherishing. Our pain turns into love and we will become more compassionate to others too.


While doing "Kintsugi" on our precious object, we do Kintsugi on ourselves too.




KINTSUGI - Japanese ancient wisdom

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