For the cultural day in the city of Bussum on 11 September, we planned and hosted an event with a Japanese touch.
Great example of "co-creation" beyond cultures.
To share Japanese tradition of making 1000 origami cranes to wish Peace Love and Happiness in the community of newly joined Gemente Gooise Meren., 


With the commitees of Spiegelstraat business owners, we shared this beautiful tradition.

PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS beyond cultures


My mission was to share the beautiful tradition and values beyond cultures and beyond borders, beyond time.
This event is not just a showcase of Japanese culture and art.
This is an event to connect people in the community and create a collective conciousness "beyond cultures" and be one.
And to wish that all we need in the world is “Peace, Love, Happiness”.


Concept & Planning

Introducing the story about the 1000 origami cranes and also to to fit in the current political situation of the area - city councils were joining and it is the time we need to wish with the successful merges of the city councils, involving people of the community.




Created the origami cranes on the entire streets from children to grand parents. Made big cranes for decorations. Receiving journalists and photographers for the press coverage.


We transform the 1000 cranes into the art form and present to the newly appointed mayor on 29 October at TEDx event after my talk and shall be displayed in the new city hall as "People's art".