Azumi's Haiku poem "Grace in the Dark" debuted in the US


I am pleased to announce that my Haiku poem made a debut in the US!


 "Grace in the Dark"with the Dutch landscape of Bussum became as a range of products at JusFloCo, a young American online boutique offering sleek lifestyle products with a spiritual message. The backbone of this company is the founder, David Bowen's passion to impact his generation by spreading the importance of compassion, peace and resilience in our everyday life.


My haiku "Grace in the Dark" is available as T-shirt, long T-shirt, hoodies, coffee mug, phone case, wall art, with international shipment. 


A part of the sales proceed from the "Grace in the Dark" product line will go to my charity project to help and inspire people who are dealing with Crohn's disease and other illnesses, through my lectures & mindfulness workshops. Details will be announced soon.


Special Thanks to Willem Leppink for international IP expertise.



This Haiku was born...

On 10th January 2020, my home in Bussum, in the Netherlands. it was the night before my lecture "Being is Healing" for "Crohn's & Colitis patients day" at  OLVG hospital Amsterdam. 

I was busy preparing for my presentation, I noticed the beautiful moonlight in the dark winter sky, light beaming through the trees. I was loured to step out to the balcony. I gazed at the moon, took this photo.

The crisp cold air veiled my body. It was cold but felt warm inside of my body. Would this be a gentle hug by an angel? , I felt.

I felt, deeply in my heart, gratitude and love for my body, looking back my last 15 years living with Crohn's disease, from getting over the life-threatening condition to making a miraculous recovery.  

Embraced by the moonlight, this poem was born.



暗闇に 月の光が 優艶に

In the darkness,

Illumination from the moon,



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