Culture Salon - Argentine Tango & Japan with Carlos Rivarola

Dublin recently hosted the vibrant rare stage for a celebration of cultural unity and friendship, welcoming the legendary Argentine Tango dancer and maestro, Carlos Rivarola, the world ambassador of Argentine Tango, during his European tour.


The event, held to honor the Cultural Friendship of Argentine, Japan, and Ireland through the mesmerizing art of Argentine Tango, was graced by the esteemed presence of honorary guests, including the Ambassador of Argentina, Ireland, and the Deputy Head of Mission from the Embassy of Japan, Ireland. Supported by the Ireland Japan Association, celebration Carlos Rivarola's 40 years contribution to Japan, fostering cross-cultural connections. organized by Tango Class Lucia & Gerry and curated by myself, Azumi Uchitani.



Our guests were welcomed with a glass of Japanese Sake and Argentine wine, setting the tone for an afternoon filled with cultural richness and friendship.


The event began with the soulful recitation of Carlos Rivarola's poem, "Soy Tango Argentino - I am Argentine Tango - Watashi wa Argentine Tango desu," delivered in three languages. This opening seamlessly led to a special performances by Carlos Rivarola, Lucia Seva, and myself, Azumi Uchitani, to the music, "La Beba by Osvaldo Pugliese", uniting three cultures together, Argentine, Ireland and Japan. The essence of Tango and the spirit of cultural friendship were further illuminated through Carlos Rivarola's personal story, shared during an insightful interview. 

Our Honorary Guests

Our honorary guest speakers, including Ambassador Anna Laura Cachaza from the Embassy of Argentina, Mr. Yoshida, Deputy Head of Mission from the Embassy of Japan, and Tsugumi Yamamoto from the Ireland Japan Association, delivered speeches highlighting the importance of cultural friendship and collaboration.


Conversation with Carlos Rivarola

During the interview, Carlos Rivarola, widely acclaimed as the living legend of Tango, graciously shared his captivating life story of Tango's journey in Japan. With his dedication to inspiring every dancer with the authenticity of Argentine Tango, Carlos has become a beacon of the dance form's tradition and elegance, captivating audiences worldwide.



For over four decades, Carlos has made profound contributions to Japan.  Every single year for 40 years, he was invited to Japan twice a year to perform and teach. What started as a business endeavor has blossomed into a profound friendship deeply entrenched in mutual respect and admiration. He even adopted a Japanese name, Toshiro, and delights in being called Toshi-chan, showcasing his warm and down-to-earth relationship with his students.



One aspect that particularly amazed Carlos in his journey was the transformation of his relationships. Initially, his visits to Japan were primarily business-oriented, centered around performances. However, as he began teaching Tango and sharing delightful Japanese meals and drinks with his students after lessons, the dynamic shifted. What began as a professional engagement evolved into deep, personal connections, enriching his experience in Japan beyond measure.


Through Tango, Carlos has cultivated bonds that transcend cultural barriers, cementing Japan as a cherished second home. Tango emerges as a universal language of Nakama (a Japanese word for camaraderie) and friendship for Carlos, particularly in his 40 years of relationship with Japan.


His journey emphasizes the profound impact of cultivating friendship beyond cultures, beyond spoken words, through a shared passion and how Tango can transcend to become a bridge uniting cultures in a celebration of humanity. Carlos Rivarola's story, Carlos Rivarola himself is the power of Argentine Tango and the beauty of embracing connections beyond any borders.


Sharing "Way of Tea"

We concluded the event with a surprise heartfelt exchange of our tea traditions, featuring both the Japanese Way of Tea with Matcha and the Argentine Way of Tea with Mate. 


From the bottom of my heart. I extend my sincere thanks to everyone who attended and supported us in making this event, filled with much joy, love and happiness.


Organised by :

Tango Lucia Seva & Gerry Roche

Azumi Uchitani Communications


Supported by :

Embassy of the Argentine Republic Ireland

Embassy of Japan in Ireland


Ireland Japan Association


Written by Azumi Uchitani, 2024

Photos by Naoki Miyatani, Fay & Lila Schouten


Meet Carlos Rivarola


Carlos Rivarola , カルロス  リバローラ, (born 1952, Argentina) is regarded as one of the top 10 influential Argentine tango dancers of our time, a choreographer, and an actor.


Renowned globally for his role in the groundbreaking Tango Argentino show, premiered in 1983, Rivarola has been a pivotal figure in revitalizing tango on the world stage.


Alongside María Rivarola, his partner both on and off the dance floor, he has left an indelible mark on the tango world. Their artistic journey has taken them across continents, with annual performances in Japan since 1984 and the creation of the first all-Japanese tango show under Rivarola's direction in 1986. Rivarola's cinematic contributions include

notable roles in films like "Tango Bar" (1989) and "Naked Tango" (1991), and his choreography in Carlos Saura's "Tango" earned him the 1999 National Choreography Award from the United States Academy of Cinematic Arts and Sciences.


Beyond performance, Rivarola is a dedicated educator, serving as a professor at the National University Institute of Art (IUNA) and contributing to tango literature with works like "Así se baila el tango argentino," co-authored with Yoyi Kanematz. As a co-founder and president of the Argentine Tango Teachers, Dancers, and Choreographers Association (AMBCTA), Rivarola continues to champion the professional interests of tango artists, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of Argentine tango.