Join us! Exhibition & workshop in New York City!


DATE :                11 Sept - 4 Dec 2021

ARTIST :              Azumi Uchitani


VENUE :             Art Cafe @ Nomadworks 

LOCATION :       1216 Broadway NY, NY 10001

INFO          :        Exhibition Details




DATE :                 Saturday 23 October

TIME :                 13:00 - 16:00 (NYC)

SPEAKER:           Azumi Uchitani

Live Stream :      Zoom

INFO :                 Calligraphy Meditation


The Art of Life 

The exhibition is opened in NYC Nomadworks, Broadway.  Bringing peace, calmness to New York’s office space, from Holland.


With my art & poems, I’m delighted to invite you to a journey to my inner kingdom.

As you join my inner kingdom, you will journey into yours. 

Let’s keep walking on our path on our nomadic journey.

Let’s create the art if life.

With Love & Light,

Azumi 2021


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