KEI - The Art of Respect

Title        : KEI - The Art of Respect

Artist      :  Azumi Uchitani

Medium  : Sumi & acrylic ink on paper, mounted on vintage silk embroidered Obi

Size         : 29.5cm x 40cm

Price        : SOLD

Available for sale. Exhibited at Nomadworks 1216 Broadway, New York, US, (11 Sep- 4 Dec 2021)

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the art of respect


I just look around.


People, Objects, Trees, Flower…


We are all standing here, on this earth.


We look different,


But in all of us, all of the things,


There is this essence, the divine energy…


I meet this divine energy

in everything that I encounter in my world.


I thank you for being here.


I respect you for being here.


I respect what I encounter and


I will treat you gently.


- Azumi Uchitani