KUU - The Art of Emptiness

Japanese Calligraphy Art by Azumi Uchitani
KUU - The Art of Emptiness

Title        :  KUU- The Art of Emptiness

Artist      :  Azumi Uchitani

Medium   : Sumi & acrylic ink on paper, mounted on vintage Obi

Size         : 29.5cm x 40cm

Price        : Upon request

Available for sale. Exhibited at Nomadworks 1216 Broadway, New York, US, (11 Sep- 4 Dec 2021)

Contact   : office@azumiuchitani.com



the art of emptiness


Where we think it is empty,

 there is divine, gods.


KUU means emptiness, air, sky, void…

KU is the symbol that

triggers my imagination,

creates opportunities.


At KUU, the divine is waiting for me.

KUU is where I am guided,

where I am gifted,

 by the divine, by the gods.


KUU, the emptiness is the gate

to our greatness.


The emptiness is where I connect to my potential.


- Azumi Uchitani