A little book of Haiku & Art "the Seasons"

"the Seasons" - Art & Haiku for every month

As a tribute to a late Japanese artist Jiro Inagaki (1933- 2008), together with Jiro Arts Foundation, we have organised an exhibition "the Seasons" (Amsterdam in 2016).  I have selected one of Jiro's artworks for every month and made Haiku to accompany the art and its season.

The catalogues, limited editions are sold out but hope you enjoy the digital images here. 

What is Haiku?

“Haiku”, a short Japanese poetry form, consisting of patterns of 5+ 7+ 5=17 syllables, incorporating “Kigo”- the symbolic word that represents the season. Haiku originates from Renga which started in the 13th century and evolved since. The form of Haiku was mastered and perfected by Matsuo Basho (松尾芭蕉) in the 17th century.


What Haiku brings us? - the answer is the union with nature and the universe. Japanese traditional cultural rituals such as the Tea ceremony are the ultimate form and discipline to create the union with nature, objects and ourselves, as "Nature is our Master".   To unite with nature, humbly follow the law of nature - it is deep-rooted in our Japanese DNA.


Make your own Haiku!

With Haiku, we express what we see in a natural, simple, minimal, direct way, without a judgment - things as it is. It brings profound interpretation to each reader, leaving space for imagination. First, we select a word that we see, select the suitable "kigo" the symbol of the season and combine them with stillness and movement.  In this process, we connect ourselves with nature, object and with the universe, the very moment we are in.


You can also try! Make your own poems with Haiku principles.  You can see my English translations from Japanese Haiku. That will be a good start!  Come up with a word by word, that describes what your heart says. See the trees, hear the birds, see the flower, see the moon, feel the light, Which words come up?  Please email and share that with me if you make one.   Send e-mail