March Exclusive | Women in Leadership | Book Online Coaching with Japanese Mindfulness & Create Inner Peace in Business


This month, I am on a mission to help Women in Leadership, Women in Business with my signature Business & Life Coaching with the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy Meditation, KINTSUGI.


As spring approaches in Japan, the gentle warm tone of yellow and pink flowers fill the air, setting the stage for the celebration of life, wellness, happiness, and growth in the ancient Doll's Day ceremony, HINAMATSURI, on 3rd March. (Similarly, there's another version for boys celebrated in May!)


Internationally, we commemorate International Women's Day on 7th March, coinciding with the enchanting feminine Yin energy bestowed upon us by nature this month.


In our diverse roles as women, particularly those who have held leadership positions in the global corporate arena, we tap into the Yang energy—being proactive, rational, and productive. While these qualities are essential, it's equally crucial to periodically embrace our innate feminine gifts, the Yin energy, fostering harmony, self-nurturing, and providing time for rest both mentally and physically.


This March, I warmly invite "Women in Leadership" to unwrap the gift of inner peace through Japanese Mindfulness practices, rooted in ancient Japanese teachings integrated into my professional coaching methodology.


Both Corporate Workshops and 1-on-1 Coaching are available, offering flexibility with online and in-person sessions.


Take the first step towards harmonizing your energies and finding balance.  Send your request below, and let's embark on this transformative journey together!





Japanese Mindfulness Practice


Experience the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Way of Tea, and discover the 4 Principles of Life, teaching of the 16th century Grand Tea Master, Sen Nori Kyu. 


和 WA - Harmony 

敬 KEI - Respect

清 SEI - Purification

寂 JAKU - Stillness


You will learn why they are essential and how to apply the teachings to enhance your work life and cultivate inner peace.


Session Highlights;

1. Introduction to Tea Ceremony and its teaching.

2. Tea Ceremony demonstration

3. Interactive session on 4 principles of life.


Duration : 1 - 1.5 hrs





Dive into a transformative journey with Japanese Calligraphy Meditation—a harmonious blend of mind, heart, and soul coherence.


Through this meditation coupled with creative expression, transmute the energy of stress and tension into a higher frequency of inner peace and love.


Session Highlights:

1. Consultation

2. Meditation

3. Warm-up Brush Stroke

4. Creation of a chosen symbol with a brush"

5. Closing 


Duration : 1 - 1.5 hrs

What you need : You will receive instructions upon request




Embark on a powerful healing journey with KINTSUGI, the Japanese ancient art form of mending broken objects with golden stitches.


Breathe life into the broken, transforming it into a radiant treasure. Explore the Wabi Sabi philosophy, cultivating healing and unity in the process.


This transformative experience benefits both personal healing and team unity.


Session Highlights;

1. Introduction to KINTSUGI & Wabi Sabi philosophy


3. Interactive session


Duration : 1.5 hour

What you need : You will receive instructions upon request


Since founding Japanese Salon Art & Culture in Amsterdam in 2009, Azumi has been incorporating her native Japanese mindfulness practices with her business & life coaching expertise reaching global audiences across Europe, US and south America. Throughout the Covid pandemic, she has been offering bi-weekly online Japanese Calligraphy meditation sessions, as well as online Tea Ceremony and Kintsugi sessions upon request. She is currently based in Dublin and New York.

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