MICHI - The Art of Life

Japanese Calligraphy Art by Azumi Uchitani
MICHI- The Art of Life by Azumi Uchitani

MICHI - The Art of Life

Artist      :  Azumi Uchitani

Medium   : Sumi & acrylic ink on paper, mounted on vintage silk embroidered Obi

Size         : 29.5cm x 40cm

Price        : SOLD

Available for sale. Exhibited at Nomadworks 1216 Broadway, New York, US, (11 Sep- 4 Dec 2021)

Contact   : office@azumiuchitani.com





the art of life



MICHI means a path.

I am walking in the path, called life,

guided by my soul,

enchanted by the divine.


This path is my destination.

My destination is where I am right now.

Not in the future, but in the now.

In a state of silence,

In a state of peace,

here I am, everyday.


If it rains, let an umbrella protect me.

If it is dark, let the light shine.

If it is cold, you hold me.


Just keep on walking,

as the path never ends.



- Azumi Uchitani