SEI - The Art of Purification

Japanese Calligraphy Art by Azumi Uchitani
SEI - The Art of Purication


Title          : SEI - The Art of Purification

Artist      :  Azumi Uchitani

Medium   : Sumi & acrylic ink on paper, mounted on vintage silk embroidered Obi

Size         : 29.5cm x 40cm

Price        : Upon request

Available for sale. Exhibited at Nomadworks 1216 Broadway, New York, US, (11 Sep- 4 Dec 2021)

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the art of purification


I clean my living space,

I clean my working space,

I clean my body,

I clean my energy,

I clean my mind…


When I feel the darkness,

I wash my thought

with the water of light.


My outer world is the reflection of my inner world.

I keep purifying my inner kingdom.


-Azumi Uchitani