WABI SABI - The Art of Living


Artist      :  Azumi Uchitani

Medium   : Sumi ink on paper, mounted on vintage silk Obi

Size         :  29.5 cm x 44 cm

Available for sale. Exhibited at Nomadworks 1216 Broadway, New York, US, (11 Sep- 4 Dec 2021)

Price        : Upon Request

Contact   : office@azumiuchitani.com



the art of living


The beauty of Wabi Sabi is born

from our inner world.


In a state of acceptance,

where there is no judgment,

there is no perfect or imperfect,

no right or wrong,

no good or bad,

no past or future.


In the space of now,

I stand at the point Zero,

where everything is as it is.


When I embrace the truth,

I see the beauty.


That’s Wabi Sabi.


-Azumi Uchitani