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WAY OF TEA - The Ritual of Silence
Japanese Tea Ceremony, (茶道) Way of Tea is a cultural, spiritual and social activity practiced in Japan, based on the philosophy of Zen Buddhism. It is not just about making this special tea. It is a practice and discipline to quiet our minds, empty our thoughts, totally be in the present moment to appreciate the time and space.

8min documentary for Dutch TV program "Iedereen Verlicht" (everyone enlightened) . " WABI SABI & My life journey" . Presenting & teaching Japanese life philosophy, Dutch National TV NPO 2 - Iedereen Verlicht, broadcasted on 10th Nov 2019.

Wabi Sabi - The truth
In the world of WABI SABI, there is no perfect nor imperfect. Beauty is not in the outer world, it is born from our inner world. ..