DARUMA - Japanese Ritual to manifest a goal

HOW TO MANIFEST  - the Japanese way.



On Saturday, I have received a lovely souvenir from my Japanese client, who has just returned from his hometown of Nagano.

Yes, this is DARUMA. You may have seen the red ones, but he chose a pink one for me which goes well in my Salon.

This is the cutest Daruma I have ever seen. I was thrilled and gave me the feeling that I already achieved my goal!

We borrow the power of DARUMA to manifest our goal or to make a wish.


By now, you may be wondering, "What is this peculiar object?! " 


What is DARUMA?

Japanese Ritual of Manifestation, Goal Setting with Daruma,
DARUMA - Manifest your goal with Japanese ritual

DARUMA is a Japanese object that we use for a ritual for manifestation of our goal, intention or wish.

Not only for personal purpose but used widely by organization, business owners, sports teams, to achieve their group goal.

DARUMA is rooted in Zen Buddhism and teaching of legendary Bodhidharma.

It is a symbol of perseverance.


DARUMA is sold with empty eyes!  There the ritual starts.....


How does the DARUMA ritual work?

Japanese Ritual of Manifestation, Goal Setting with Daruma,
DARUMA - I set a goal, painted his right eye.


When we welcome DARUMA at our place, we set a goal and fill ONLY RIGHT EYE with black ink.

While I carefully paint with Sumi ink, I started feeling excitement, determination with joy towards my goal.

 This is the important part - to feel the goal in the body and own the goal! 

The intention, the goal will run through our body. 

We feel the excitement of the journey towards the goal.

After finish painting one eye, it natuarally makes us "eager" to paint another eye! 

During the journey towards the goal, DARUMA will be our guardian and assist to achieve what we aimed for.

Try again.

After we set a goal or make a wish and get the right eye painted, we put this somewhere we can see every day. 

I wrote my goal and put it underneath of DARUMA.

DARUMA doll is made of paper. and inside is hollow. In the bottom, there some weights, so that he can stand.

DARUMA is also known as "Getting Up Doll".  Even ha falls and he always gets up.

Thus, it is a  symbol of perseverance - try again, try again. 

Japanese famous saying of DARUMA, 


七転び八起き- "Fall Seven Times, Get up Eight" - DARUMA



One Year.

 It is believed that the power of DARUMA is valid for one year. (like other Japanese objects for rituals.)

After one year, we can bring it to a temple, if the goal is not achieved or the wish has not come true yet.

At the temple, it will be burned to purify the energy that DARUMA carried.

It doesn't mean we have failed!  We can start again with a new DARUMA to set a goal, make a wish with new pure energy after a year.


It is not about whether we have achieved or not. 

It is about what we experience, how we feel, what we encounter during the journey to a goal, this period with DARUMA.

We may have achieved an original goal that we set, however, we may have achieved something unexpected during the joruney.


Let's see in September 2020! 


Japanese Ritual of Manifestation, Goal Setting with Daruma,
DARUMA - Japanese manifestation ritual. When I achieve my goal, the left eye will be painted. By the meantime, DARUMA will guard me on my journey.

It is not all about the desination.

It is the journey we take towards our goal.


Why Japanese Rituals are effective.

 In Japan, there are many rituals to make our wishes, goals to come true. Such as making 1000 crane birds, making Tanzaku paper decoration with our wishes on 7 July, making New Year calligraphy, etc.

All involve physical activities with a certain challenge.


Doing -> Feeling -> Being.


It magically creates a state of being with our goal.

It will generate confidence and certainty that we will achieve a goal.

It taps into our subconscious mind that we are on a way to manifest our goal. 


Its not all about achivieng a goal, not all about the destination.

It is to enjoy the journey towards our goal,

Be in the moment, 

Don't be blinded by the goal, Keep your eyes wide open,

You may find a gold or beautiful flower on your path.

Enjoy what you do during the journey.

Life will follow. 

The result is not about the destination.

It is about what you will experience, how you will feel, what you discover during your journey to your goal.


Most of us would write down a goal, and we would make an affirmation every day.

But our inner self, subconscious mind, we may be holding some uncertainty.

"I want to achieve it, but how can I? it looks impossible", or, "I am not good enough to do that....."

Sounds familiar?


So then there is a discrepancy in our inner world and our outer world.

One part of us is accelerating, but our inner world is putting the break on.

If this is the situation, your journey to the goal will be a struggle, or you may even not make it.


With this physical fun ritual, it magically creates and brings the energy of achievement already.

We feel the joy of manifesting a goal and wish, in our skin, in our inner world. 


The experience creates a feeling.

The feeling taps into our subconscious mind.


Then it is like opening the gate for the water to flow. We will start making conscious choices, taking actions to make it possible to achieve your goal. 


Every day when we watch the DARUMA who has just one eye, it makes us feel "I need to paint it". 


I feel eager to paint another one.


The entire experience of receiving a DARUMA, which is Pink, unexpectedly was grateful and filled with lots of joy.

Already enjoyining the journey towards my goal!


Bodhidharma - the Legend of ZEN.

DARUMA is modeled after Bodhidharma, believed to have lived during the 5th, 6th century, went from India to China. He established the teaching of ZEN Buddhism.
"The moon through a crumbling window" in the "A Hundred Aspects of the Moon" series. Bodhidharma, by Yoshitoshi, 1887.

DARUMA is modeled after Bodhidharma, believed to have lived during the 5th, 6th century, went from India to China. He established the teaching of ZEN Buddhism.

According to a legend, he sat down for 9 years and gazing a wall - wall gazing. During these years, his legs and arms got decayed and lost them.

To see things as a wall. Observe the truth in a state of stillness, like a wall which doesn't move.

It is a symbol of perseverance.


Bodhidharma's teaching has been in Japan from the 12 century. It was the late Edo period, early 19th century, when this ritual of manifestation DARUMA object began. 

Since then, DARUMA ritual has become very popular and auspicious ceremony as well in public.

These days, I found out that DARUMA dolls are even availbale to purchase online!  But it feels more authentic if you purchse one in Japan or receive one from Japan.  

Thanks for reading.

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Netherlands, September 2019

Fall Seven Times, Get up Eight. 七転び八起き