The ritual of April - Sakura & What Buddhist priest said

Sakura, Kyoto
Arashiyama, Kyoto


April is the month of Sakura.

April is the month of re-birth.


In Japan, April is the month of the new beginning. For students, a new school year starts. In business, a new fiscal year starts. I recall every April, under the Sakura trees, we had photos taken to celebrate the new school year with a new school uniform. In business, Japanese companies welcome the new graduates, re-organise the structure, start a new fiscal year with the new budget.


In early February, we have opened the door for our spirit to connect with the spring energy. Like in nature, the flowers were preparing to blossom. In April, the beauty manifest in our physical form. Here in Europe, Christianity, we celebrate Easter with its symbol of "re-birth". The time for re-birth is beyond religion. The energy of rebirth is in nature, in people, everywhere in our collective consciousness. 


What is re-birth then?

It is simply letting go off the unwanted habits and welcoming the new. Both in physical and non-physical ways. 

Hopefully, with the new fresh energy, as the flower blossom, our goals, plans, and dreams come to manifest. 


Fleeting beauty of Sakura is the symbol of our rebirth.



Let me share this story.

In Wakayama where I was born and brought up, we have heavy typhoons every year during the late summer to autumn.

Every August, our Buddhist priest comes to do a special ceremony for our family during the Buddhism Bon festival.

I try to be back home every August for this ritual.


One year, it was during the typhoon. 

After his long prayer with the sounds of a heavy storm, he sipped tea and said calmly.



Remember, in spring, we will have beautiful Sakura blossoms next spring.

Do you know why?

During the heavy storm like Typhoon, the trees endure, invigorated and develop more roots to survive.

As the trees get stronger with more vital energy, it will give more blossoms in the spring.


We, humans, too. 


When we face hardship, it is an opportunity to get invigorated.

We become stronger in our spirit and we can blossom even more later.



It is wisdom I received from him. I was going through the typhoon of my life at that time and I remember tears dropped. I trusted his words and hold them in my heart. The typhoon in my life passed. As in his words, I felt stronger, compassionate and bring more blossoms to share. 



Challenges, hardships, illness.... whatever we are going through, it is like a storm. It will pass.

We will come out stronger and our inner-beauty will blossoms! 



Thank you for reading.

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Wish you a lovely month of April!