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Inner Peace starts with the cleanness of our inner and outer world. The task of cleaning is regarded as sacred as meditation in Zen Buddhism, Shintoism and school education. Here is my insight...

Japanese KINTSUGI is not only just mending our broken objects with gold, but it is also a healing technique that we can apply to our life. Transform our painful event into a shining personal history.

Japanese Philosophy of Five Elements
GODAI is the Japanese philosophy of Five Elements. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Void...

The month of Sakura, the month of re-birth. I share what our Buddhist priest said to me.

Wabi Sabi - The truth
In the world of WABI SABI, there is no perfect nor imperfect. Beauty is not in the outer world, it is born from our inner world. ..

Creating HAIKU poems is simply to be in the now, connect with our inner and outer world and express what we see, how we feel.

Private course on Japanese culture & wisdom for your business and life. Wabisabi, Haiku, Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Shinto.......