The Art of Japanese Bowing

Why bowing?

" Why do the Japanese bow?  Do we have to bow? " 

WabiSabi, Azumi Uchitani,
During the Dutch TV Program "Iederleen Verlicht" on NTR

Bowing and Inner peace....

Bowing is the subtle but powerful gesture of sending our “Ki” the energy of our life force.

Bowing is the ritual of inner-peace. 

It creates a moment of stillness.


Light bowing is for our casual greetings. Our field of energy greet each other.

Deep bowing is to deliver our deep feeling of gratitude, appreciation, honour, apologies.

Our feeling rides on the wave of the energy and surf onto the person intended.


This is the beautiful gesture of connecting to our pure energy force and delivering it to the others.

After the concert, the musicians bow to deliver their deepest feeling of gratitude to the audience.

If you have practiced any of the martial arts, you may have learned to do.


"Do we have to bow?" 

Let us be guided by our inner intelligence. 

The urge of bowing comes to our body and we will naturally bow. 

If the Japanese person bows to you, you may immediately feel like bowing back, to send your energy back.

You bow only when you feel like doing it, in another word, when your body guide you to do so.


During this period of no body contact in Europe, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Japanese way of greetings becomes handy!


Be Peaceful, Be beautiful and Be well! 





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