Tailored Art for Corporate Clients

Enrich your workspace and Elevate your business

Main Boardroom, Nomadworks Times Square, New York
Main Boardroom, Nomadworks Times Square, New York

Welcome to my page dedicated to creating tailored art works for corporate clients.


Art has the power to transform spaces, inspire creativity, and enhance brand identity. Combining my traditional Japanese artistic discipline, Feng Sui and expertise in corporate communication, I specialise crafting unique and customized artworks that perfectly align with the vision and needs of corporate clients, according to the allocated budget. 


I believe that every corporate space deserves a touch of individuality and artistic expression which bring people together in harmony and bring prosperity to business. 

I work closely with my clients to understand company's values, brand, identity and the specific ambiance my clients wish to create. If an interior designer and architect are involved, I work closely with them to bring the harmony to overall outcome.


I take pride in my ability to translate my client's concepts and ideas into captivating art pieces that truly reflect the corporate culture. It is my passion to create and work together to create and transform workspace.


In addition to my client's office spaces in London, Amsterdam, Dublin & New York,  my artworks are showcased at Nomadworks, the art space at Manhattan's co-working space and their boardrooms, bringing peace in hustle & bustle of New York City.



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