Art & Production


Creation is sacred. Inspiration is noble. See, touch, smell, hear, feel, and be in the moment to create. I write articles, stories, Haiku poems, make calligraphy inspired artworks, and curate art collection, exhibition, and media production.


I aim to share the art of inner peace tangibly and make our life even more joyful every day, everywhere. 


From both corporate and private clients, I take assignments internationally and create what my client's heart desires. One of my notable works was the contribution to Rituals magazine Summer 2019 campaign for artworks and writing. In 2016, as part of the curation for an art exhibition, I have published a book of Haiku & Art, the Seasons. I keep writing every day and some of my writing & Haiku is here on this website, GALLERY & ARTICLES and also social media. Feel free to follow me and subscribe below. You can also visit Japanese SALON to view the Japanese Art Collection.

For an enquiry and request, please email.